Which nuclear family do you want to support when you shop at Wal-Mart?

By Steve Cooper


Now we all know we cannot possibly take in everyone who would like to come to the U.S. or there would be nowhere to sit down.  But we have a proposition for Mexico and all those who feel like we should just continue opening the flood gates.


I would suggest that everyone  go to the places we shop and demand that we see the label “Made in USA” or “Made in Mexico” instead of  “Made in China.”


This would accomplish two major goals: it would give a part of our business to our friends in Mexico, as opposed to enriching and empowering those who have, within the past few years, threatened to nuke us.  It is not a giant intellectual leap to  buy goods from our friends instead of those who threaten to destroy us.  Also, I remember something about boycotting Africa for its apartheid policies.  Of course, that was whites suppressing blacks, so it was bad.


In China it is just Asian people arresting other Asian people for their political and religious beliefs and placing them in slave camps where they, on occasion, harvest their organs for the world transplant market.  I guess we can all live with that as long as it means a discount at the checkout counter.


Insisting on trading with Mexico instead of China would give the Mexican people jobs at home so they could stay with their families and build up their country.   Giving our business to our neighbors to the south is not really much to ask, but it will make a big difference on both sides of the border.


If all of this is not enough to convince people, we can throw in the fact that if we deal with Mexico, we will be dealing with people who have respect for life, so we could have some level of trust that they will not be poisoning our children’s toys and food as China has done.  People who don’t respect the individuals of their own country certainly don’t care about those across the ocean whom they consider to be enemies.


How do you reclaim a nation?

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