The Dream of Unlimited Energy


By Pat Boone


There Is Hope for the World

I knew a man named John Lennon.

I first met him with his buddies, Paul, George and Ringo, in Las Vegas when they were just fresh, funny and talented young kids from Liverpool.


I and my daughters visited with them backstage between their two shows in the Thomas Mack Arena and found them charming and energetic, relishing their new and sudden stardom.


Like the rest of the world, I watched as their careers blossomed and assumed fantastic proportion. Each record, and then each movie, eclipsed the last … until they had become the greatest singing group in music history. It will never be equaled.


Many years later, I visited with John and producer Phil Spector in a nice health-food restaurant while they working on a new album. As we compared notes and stories about our experiences, I asked John what he thought was the main reason for the Beatles’ incredible success.


He thought a minute behind his little round glasses and answered, “Imagination.”


Imagination. As Ted Kennedy quoted his brother, Robert: “He thought of things that never were, and asked ‘why not?’” And young Walt Disney – at a time when the “cartoons” he and a couple others were successfully producing cost an average of $5,000 – told his incredulous brother, Roy, he envisioned a full-length feature film, in total animation, and estimated it would cost $1.5 million! It seemed unthinkable. But it was imaginable, and it became a worldwide sensation: “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” a timeless classic. Imagination. It’s much more powerful than most realize. In fact, hardly anything of value has ever been accomplished without beginning as an idea, which is really imagination.

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The 800 Pound Gorilla of Global Warming is Hiding in the North Pole


By Steve Cooper - Graphics by Rusty Robbins


If you have a really great memory, you might have noticed that the signs at the airport the pilots use to set their compasses have changed.  The media didn’t talk much about it, most said nothing.  After all, it was just a sign change.


But the change that caused the signs to change is quite the a story. It turns out the signs had to be changed because the magnetic North is now moving South rapidly, almost 40 miles every year, the fastest in human history.

Church & Constitution
Hypocrisy By Steve Cooper Walk into just about any church in America, the more conservative the better, and ask for a show of hands if they stand for the Constitution. Virtually every hand will go up. Ask them if they think God Himself inspired America’s founders and the hands will compete for liftoff. Then ask them about the First Amendment that guarantees the right to free speech and you may see some tears begin to roll down cheeks. Ask them and they will tell you that they would die for the Constitution and pledge their wealth and sacred honor for its protection. And this would be very moving except for one little thing, the churches have all sold their First Amendment right of free speech for a tax exemption. Yes, if the devil himself was running for office or had become president, they could not speak a word of warning to anyone. If a bill was making its way through Congress to legalize human sacrifice in America, their lips would be sealed. Try to convince a pastor to talk about anything near that invisible boundary between the words that are allowed and those that might be close to the line and you will see the proverbial deer in the headlights. It will be a very short meeting indeed, such is the fear of losing the beloved tax exemption. One would almost think from their reactions that tax exemptions were a commandment of Jesus. Organizations like, The Pacific Justice Institute, hand out flyers telling the churches what can be said, even with a tax exemption, but few go near that forbidden land. Most don’t even venture within sight of it, lest they accidentally trespass and find themselves called before the IRS for practicing the First Amendment.

The magnetic North pole causes the aurora borealis by directing the electrons and protons shooting from the sun, guiding them to the magnetic North and South poles.


As you can see in the picture from space, this is not a small thing. There is a gigantic amount of  energy dumping into wherever the magnetic poles happen to be. Soon the North Pole will be in Siberia.  In fact, the whole magnetic field around the Earth is changing rapidly.


No, your SUV didn't do this.  If the earth's magnetic flux is changing so much, wouldn't this have an effect  on the weather patterns?  I know people like to blame it on the CO2, but the Earth has had huge volcanic eruptions that spewed out enough CO2 to rival our planet's total army of SUVs.  Do the volcanoes change the weather once the dark ash is out of the sky?  Not much.


Then why all the fuss, and where do we go from here?


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