The Lord of the Rings Holds Truth for Humanity's Most Dangerous Struggle

By Steve Cooper


The world has now been given the Ring of Power. Unlike the fantasy “Ring of Power” the real version is very tiny; in fact, it is exactly the size of an atom.  But the “ring’s” punch is even bigger than expected.  The evil it is capable of bringing to the world is also just as dark as anything J.R.R.Tolkien could have imagined.


Considering the enormous power that science uncovered shortly after Tolkien’s writing, one wonders if perhaps he was a prophet of some sort.  Like many gifted fiction writers, he was able to look into the human heart and mind and accurately tell a story of what may become our future.


The analogy between the Ring of Power and the nuclear bomb is not so shallow that it ends by comparing the darkness of the two; this is only where it begins.  The quest to find a way to bring this power to an end and the corrupting influences that bring about the need for a courageous fellowship to stand in defiance, are themes throughout both scenarios.


In the Lord of the Rings fantasy, the only way to rid the world of the

ring’s evil was to throw it into the fiery Mount Doom.

Is there a Mount Doom for the atomic bomb?

The fascinating answer to this question is, yes.


Just as the ring of power was only destroyed in the heat of Mount Doom, so will the dark ring of the nuclear threat only come to an end by humanity finally unleashing the promise of fusion.  It is only in the 500,000,000 degree fire of  fusion that we can gain the key to unlimited, non-polluting energy for all.  Wars are usually fought over limited resources and energy is now a big one as far as its potential for world conflict.  Unlimited energy will bring the world abundant food and the ability to supply a growing population with manufactured goods.


To many reading this article, the concept of fusion is unbelievable; a concept synonymous with science fiction.  Yet it is the very power of the sun; so we know very well that it is a reality.   For those unfamiliar with this power, fusion is an entirely different thing from the fission that now powers nuclear power plants.  With fusion there is no radioactive waste, no chance of catastrophic melt down and no bomb making material produced.  All of this, while supplying us with unlimited energy.  Think about that for a second - UNLIMITED ENERGY.   It takes a while to sink in.  In fact, it would open up a world of such profound changes that it would make the Internet seem like an ineffective discovery in comparison.  There are very promising signs that we are nearing the place where fusion can be made a practical reality.


Unfortunately, the analogy between the fantasy “Dark Ring” and the real nuclear threat continues with the humbling

reality that humans have failed in our quest for fusion due to the same temptations that corrupted poor Gollum.


Even today there are many “Dark Lords” who don’t want to see fusion bring the nuclear “Ring of Power” to an end.  Those who hinder the development of fusion aren’t necessarily pro H-bomb, they just want to keep their coffers full of petrodollars.  Even the wealthy oil nations are not all salivating at the thought of acquiring nuclear bombs, but they all very much want to avoid seeing petroleum become only a lubricant and an ingredient for products.


Lately we have some new “Ringwraiths” on the scene.  Cap and Trade needs the fears of petro-induced weather changes to begin to introduce global Marxism, as producing companies are forced to buy carbon credits from companies that produce little.  Of course, George Soros, Al Gore, Obama and many others will become even more wealthy and more powerful with this charade.


If one looks at the record it is obvious that corruption and bribery have worked their dark magic on fusion research.  The Mirror Fusion Test Facility (MFTF) at Lawrence Livermore was forced to shut down just after it was fully completed because the funding was cut.  This multi-million dollar experimental reactor was then sold for scrap.


The world is in great need of those who will have the courage and honor to resist the money of the oil producers and stay on their course to fusion.  This is the first article in a series to be carried by this newspaper.  The goal of this series is to bring together a “Fellowship of Fusion” to organize a world call for a serious and uncompromising quest for fusion.


Basically, we are looking for some Hobbits.


For reasons we will go into in future articles, it looks like the most likely place to find our Hobbits will be in America and in Israel.  We are calling for a joint venture into fusion research by these two nations.


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