The 800 Pound Gorilla of the North Pole


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So, we can all breathe a sigh of relief; we have not unwittingly sent our planet into CO2 shock and thermal burnout.  The Earth is not sick!!!  The Earth may be fine, but I think this whole global warming propaganda has revealed a different sickness, not in the Earth, but in its governments and rulers.  How, in the name of all that is good and sane, did such a global scheme ever materialize?  World renowned organizations and government bodies have set out to purposely deceive the whole population.  Even our old friend, NASA, was in on the game.  The global-warming crowd terrified the little school children in every corner of the globe.  They chased us into fear on the television and while we were trying to enjoy ourselves at the movies.  You couldn’t turn on the news without seeing Gore roll out of his Lear jet and yell, “BOO! - YOUR ALL GONNA DIE!”


How did all of this power and influence conspire together to move the whole world to believe lies?


In the past, I have argued with highly intelligent people who painted visions of world conspiracies.  I was able to disarm their very plausible mental weavings with one question; “How could so many people get together and pull off this conspiracy?”  That shut them up!  But now that the world-wide global-warming army has effectively created just such an effective global plot. I no longer know how to refute the conspiracy addicts.


Something is afoot and it is not pretty; it is not innocuous.  What’ are they brewing up in that darkened room of global influence?  This scares me more than global warming ever did.  Whoever is working in that darkened, global-sized room is purposely using fear to shove us in a direction.  I have raised enough cattle to know that fear is a very good way to get things going the way you want them to go; such as into the cattle truck.




What is Cap and Trade?  It is a brilliant plan, that even now brings a smile to the faces of Marx, Stalin and Mao, despite the very high readings on their local thermometers.  You may not understand its brilliance, so here is an analogy.  In the world of horse racing there are fast horses and trainers who work hard and smart, so they win races.  Then there are the slower horses and the not-so-talented trainers.


Cap and Trade - Horse Style


A horse style Cap and Trade would set a speed limit for race horses...kind of a horse stall. (Sorry - couldn't resist.)  A horse would only be allowed to run up to a set, medium level speed.  Well, some horses, such as one of mine, can’t run up to the medium speed limit anyway.  Therefore, the fair minded government would allow the trainers of the slow horses to sell the difference between their horse’s speed and the allowed speed limit to other, faster horses.  Now, with these speed vouchers, the fast horses can run to their heart’s content.   So when these fast horses win races, they will share the prize money with me and my old slow nag.  This all seems exceedingly fair to me.  Of course, Al Gore and others, who are setting up the accounting for these trades, will also take a cut of the prize for handling things.


In the real world, Cap and Trade sets a greenhouse gas limit; how much CO2 a company can produce.  The companies who produce few goods and therefore produce little CO2 would sell thier CO2 vouchers to companies that actually make things.  So your utility company would be forced to purchase carbon vouchers from a utility company in Zimbabwe that generates electricity with two hamsters on a treadmill.  As  long as their hamsters don’t breath too much they will have plenty of carbon units to sell.  Of course, dead hamsters would be better.


This is Cap and Trade; a system to redistribute our money to all the nations of the world, no matter how dysfunctional and corrupt they may be.  Workers of the world unite!



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