You found a face cream that lets you hold the wrinkles at bay and gives your skin a youthful look that you can feel, even from the inside out... PERFECT!



Your only complaint is the expense;  "It costs an arm and leg," you say.  How true this is, but you won't find this price on the tag, but in the ingredients list.  It might vaguely mention skin. This is the skin of babies, pulled from their mother's womb to die by the hands of Planned Parenthood.  Some of the other children were made into a long list of products.


You say, "this is horrible... an evil nightmare!"


Yes, it sickens one, and to think there can be found enough souless people to do these ghastly deeds.  But it is much worse than this. What will destroy even more is that many of the leaders of our country, like Obama, Biden, Clinton, Pelosi and all of the liberal news outlets are trying to deceive us into believing this is of no concern.  They desperately want us to just look away.  Can there be a reason other than they want the evil to live?


Our leaders lie and twist the facts, thinking we won't believe what we saw on the videos with our own eyes.  But such evil can never stay localized.  It is already in the White House, the Senate.  Unless stopped, it will inevitabley grow, consuming our dreams and replacing them with its nightmares.  If we let this stand, what excuse will we be able to give when this evil visits our door?   At all costs, we must stop it!


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