Church & Constitution
Hypocrisy By Steve Cooper Walk into just about any church in America, the more conservative the better, and ask for a show of hands if they stand for the Constitution. Virtually every hand will go up. Ask them if they think God Himself inspired America’s founders and the hands will compete for liftoff. Then ask them about the First Amendment that guarantees the right to free speech and you may see some tears begin to roll down cheeks. Ask them and they will tell you that they would die for the Constitution and pledge their wealth and sacred honor for its protection. And this would be very moving except for one little thing, the churches have all sold their First Amendment right of free speech for a tax exemption. Yes, if the devil himself was running for office or had become president, they could not speak a word of warning to anyone. If a bill was making its way through Congress to legalize human sacrifice in America, their lips would be sealed. Try to convince a pastor to talk about anything near that invisible boundary between the words that are allowed and those that might be close to the line and you will see the proverbial deer in the headlights. It will be a very short meeting indeed, such is the fear of losing the beloved tax exemption. One would almost think from their reactions that tax exemptions were a commandment of Jesus. Organizations like, The Pacific Justice Institute, hand out flyers telling the churches what can be said, even with a tax exemption, but few go near that forbidden land. Most don’t even venture within sight of it, lest they accidentally trespass and find themselves called before the IRS for practicing the First Amendment.

How do you reclaim a nation?

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