By Steve Cooper


Look around at where America now stands. Because we no longer honor God’s commandments, we have willingly elected known liars and immoral people to rule over us. We have given them the helm of America.


Hillary Clinton is a good case example to illustrate this mind set. We could pick more dangerous incidents from Obama’s policies, but this one is simple and straight forward. Hillary claimed to have entered Bosnia under enemy fire, having to duck and run for cover. That is quite an exciting story and makes her look like a real hero. But there were cameras there and she knew it.  She saw them shooting the videos. So what does this news footage show? The news footage showed that she was greeted by little children as they sang songs and merrily brought her flowers. Not one of those little girls was packing a gun.


Along with being a liar, what kind of mental case would make up an outrageous lie about a major event that was filmed?


Yet, even after this, she ran a close race to become our president. Not too many years ago, when people had respect for God’s commandment against lying, very few would have trusted her. In fact, she really would not have been trusted with the position of dog catcher.  Like many of our pictures, this one is made with a bit of levity. But the truth behind it is key to understanding politics today, so please bear with us.


It is true that back in the 50s or 60s a person running for dog-catcher would not have had much luck if they had publicly told the kind of senseless and outrageous lies that Hillary goes around repeating. Not only would the voters of the time have balked at her moral qualifications, she would have been perceived as touched in the head. After all, she knew there were video cameras from all the major networks following her everywhere!


Would a good parent even ask such a strange person to babysit their children for a weekend?


Yet, there were a large number of liberals across America who continued to strongly support Hillary. They thought it a very good idea to put such a person at the helm of our nation, nuclear bombs and all. So let’s look at Hillary and all of her continued supporters, including Obama, who made her Secretary of State. There are only a few logical explanations as to why people support such a strange and incoherent person to hold a position of power.


1.   The people are ignorant of the event. (Along with many other events concerning her.)


2.    They are intellectually flawed and not able to comprehend the problem or imagine any negative consequences of her negative actions.


3.    They are insane.


4.    In reality, their goal is to bring down America.


1 and 2 are not true for most people. 3 stands out as plausible for liberals. There is growing evidence that number 4 may be true for Obama, along with some of his Czars and Cabinet members, but not for mainstream liberals.


But let’s look at number 3. There is a Bible promise for those who have turned against God. i.e. - liberals


Romans 1:28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;




We now have the key to understanding politics today. If we keep this truth in mind, all our current politics, financial crises and what we see on our TVs will begin to make sense.


Because Americans have ignored God’s laws, our financial system has been taken over by swindlers and criminals. Our society has become a “material girl.” We are sinking in personal debts from a gluttony of buying. Our families are breaking apart and our children go to school and shoot each other.  Much of these twisted values America now holds flowed into our hearts and minds from Hollywood and our popular TV shows. We have been well tutored in forgetting God's laws by very capable hands.  But the fact remains that we must all pay the price as the natural consequences of forgetting these truths take hold.


It reminds me of medieval times when the people made no connection between the open sewers in the streets and the diseases that plagued them.


We thought we could forget God’s laws and lose nothing, but we are on the verge of losing everything.


How do you reclaim a nation?

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